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XB Fighting Board - Pre-installed header version

XB Fighting Board - Pre-installed header version

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    • Note: Xbox Series: XSX|S and Xbox One will no longer be supported from November 2023.
    • A fighting stick installed with XB fighting board, you can play games on Xbox consoles: 360/Original and PC
    • Support Software Config Settings. The Brook ACT (Arcade Configuration Tool) allows you to set layout modification, multi-configuration, adjustable rapid-fire, remap and backup function all in one on your PC and MAC
    • Disable the Menu, View, and Share buttons to prevent any disqualifying input. Nothing to Bother your Fight
    • Stickeless is fun. built in SOCD cleaner, comply with official rules. the best partner for your game.
    • More features: LED status display, five-speed turbo function, diverse output options, upgradable firmware, easy to install and simple to use. 
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