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UFB-UP5 Universal Fighting Board Upgrade Kit

UFB-UP5 Universal Fighting Board Upgrade Kit

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    • UFB-UP5 is the device fit Brook Universal Fighting Board, which is the upgrade kit makes the Brook UFB fully compatible with PS5. Connect UFB-UP5 with Brook UFB, you can play PS5 fighting games on your Fightsticks.
    • Stable and Zero Delay works great on PS5. No 8-minute timeout issues.
    • 2x2 centimeters small size PCB saves assembly space.
    • A wafer connector is included in the package, for those who owns a UFB w/o pin-connector version, it is much easier to weld.
    • Easy to install and upgrade: 1. Welding wafer connector 2. Connect UFB-UP5 and UFB 3. Firmware update 

  • Support list
    - Universal Fighting Board
    - PS4+ Audio Fighting board 
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