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Power Bay Crimson

Power Bay Crimson

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  • Compact, lightweight, portable and fast-charging while playing.
  • Support Switch and GC controller. You can manually switch it to the "GC Input Mode" while using the GC Controller. The default controller mode is Switch Pro mode, please press the turbo setting button for at least 5 seconds. 
  • HDMI SUPPORTED. The Output Image Quality from the HDMI Port is Definitely Trustworthy. Compatible with any devices with USB Type-C port and support DP Alt-Mode simply using the HDMI output function. 
  • No bricking worry, it matches PD fast-charging standards and is able to stably transmit 15V power.
  • 2 GameCube adapter ports and 2 USB ports built-in, allowing smash players to use their familiar GameCube controllers for zero-latency Switch gaming.


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