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Pocket iRecatcher

Pocket iRecatcher

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  • On your Pokémon-catching journey, Pocket iRecatcher is your ultimate companion.
  • 【Auto-Reconnect Mode】It ensures seamless connectivity with your auto catch device in the face of unexpected disconnects or disruptions, ensuring your Pokémon auto catching experience remains continuous and uninterrupted.
  • Auto-Tap ModeThe auto-tap mode of iRecatcher will provide players with a tapping efficiency of nearly 10 clicks per second. Which allows Pokémon trainers to free up their hands whether in Raid or GYM battles, This allows Pokémon trainers to free up their hands in Raid or Gym battles, providing the most relaxed way to experience the game.
  • Package IncludesBrook Pocket iRecatcher 1, OTG Lightning charge cable 1 , Brook logo sticker 1, Nano tape protective patch*1, Nano Tap 0.75mm 1 , Nano Tap 1.2 mm *1,User Manual*1
  • iRecatcher utilizes image recognition and air mapping technology to simulate real human operations. Its compact size makes it convenient to carry around, and it doesn't require additional charging. The operation is also very simple. Players who want to experience easy and enjoyable Pokémon gameplay should not miss out on this.
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