Easy DIY Modding: A Simple Guide to Customizing Your Fight Stick

Easy DIY Modding: A Simple Guide to Customizing Your Fight Stick


Many players interested in modding their fight controllers often shy away due to the fear of a cumbersome installation process. However, worry not – Brook has long prepared an extremely straightforward solution for you. In this unboxing guide, we will unveil the mysteries of the P5 Plus Fight Board and share the brand new innovations brought to you by Brook for all the fighting game enthusiasts.

No need to stress over complex installation steps; just follow the clear instructions, and soon enough, you'll have a tailor-made fight controller for seamless gaming.

Prepare your controller, Brook Fighting Board and Fighting Cable. If you plan to build a leverless fight controller, please prepare addition hitbox cable.
Get your controller, Brook Fighting Board, and Fighting Cable ready.
If you're planning to build a leverless fight controller, make sure to prepare an additional Hitbox Cable.
The thoughtfully designed Fighting Cable by Brook ensures a straightforward connection process, while the high-quality Fighting Board guarantees stability throughout the modding process.

Brook's Fighting Board comes in two versions, and the majority of users opt for the version equipped with the terminal block. Nonetheless, with Brook's dedicated Fighting Cable, you can easily plug the 20-pin connector directly into the corresponding slot at the bottom left of the fight board. There's no need to connect each signal individually to the terminal block. This simplifies the entire connection process, allowing you to quickly delve into the pleasure of creating your personalized fight controller.


Next, simply follow the markings on the diagram to connect each corresponding plug to the buttons and joystick. Meanwhile, don't forget that each button needs both a signal wire and a ground wire.

In Brook's Fighting Cable, all the black wires are ground wires, and the colored ones are signal wires. If you're unsure if you've connected everything correctly, you can refer to the diagram below, checking if the wire colors match the button commands.

In conclusion, customizing your fight controller is not as challenging as it may seem, especially with Brook Gaming's P5 Plus Fighting Board and the user-friendly Fighting Cable. This unboxing guide aims to provide you with a simple DIY solution, allowing you to effortlessly craft a fight controller that suits your unique style. Whether you opt for an arcade stick (Hori, MadCatz, Razer, Quanba, or any brand of your choice) or a leverless fight controller (or all-button fight stick, like Hitbox), Brook's products are meticulously designed to meet your specific needs.

Start your DIY journey and elevate your fighting game experience with ease! To explore even more possibilities, discover why great controller brands have already chosen to be #BrookInside Partners – just click here


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